I am an artist, but I am also a writer, an accountant, an activist. Some people say it's strange to see someone who works in such disparate fields, but I don't think they are different at all. I see them as varied expressions of the same skill set; an analytical brain creatively solving problems, sometimes with the beauty of words or numbers, sometimes with lines and color.

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I began my career with a BFA in Studio Art from UNC Chapel Hill, had a brief detour into Architecture, and then found myself completing a Master in Professional Accounting at UT Austin, with a certificate in Arts and Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship. Back in North Carolina I completed my licensure as a Certified Public Accountant.

You could see those as the highlights, but I see them as just the framework. In the meantime, throughout all these steps, I have been making artwork, and spending time in the arts community, learning what it means to be a working artist in today's economy. What I have learned is - it's hard! It's hard for a lot of reasons, some of them related to the arts, some to the overall economy, and all to our shared experience as people and citizens. 

My work now spans across multiple organizations and activities, but all with the shared goal of supporting and strengthening the arts community, as people and as an economic industry. And of course, always with the goal of making art!

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